Awakening Resilience by Heidi Wren

Nearly 70% of employees are affected by burnout, with the hospitality industry having the highest burnout rate at around 80%. (Grucela,2022).

Do you often wake up feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and disconnected from your purpose?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re losing yourself to the grind of daily life, constantly battling against burnout?

If you feel fatigued and find yourself wandering aimlessly in life, know that you’re not alone. In today’s high-pressure world, burnout is an epidemic. It’s not just the feeling of being overworked that makes you feel unappreciated and lost, but also the fog of burnout that clouds your purpose in life.

What if you could become more resilient in the face of life’s stresses? Imagine waking up each day feeling energized, aligned, and purposeful. This book was written for you to reignite your inner fire and find purpose in your life again.

Here’s what you will learn about:

  • Recognizing burnout: Identify the early warning signs of burnout and understand how the subtle symptoms affect you and those around you.
  • Decoding the causes of burnout: Dive into the heart of burnout and explore 10 internal and external factors that contribute to your sense of overwhelm, disconnection, and exhaustion.
  • Reigniting passion and rediscovering purpose: Let go of your fears and start moving toward your dreams. Discover how to reconnect with your passions and align them with a greater sense of purpose.
  • Resilience-building techniques: Equip yourself with six resilience-building techniques to thrive in the face of adversity. Learn how to build emotional and mental strength so that you can overcome burnout, handle future challenges with grace, and achieve more in your life.

Don’t let burnout take over your life. It’s time to reconnect with your inner resilience and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

From Burnout to Purposeful Passion

It’s a silent epidemic. Have experienced burnout personally, I felt quite debilitated and unsure of how to deal with it. It was like having a spotlight shined on the areas of my life that desperately needed changing, or the way I was approaching them, but not having a clue how to go about it. I could tell that there were positive aspects to what I was going through, which I understand won’t necessarily be the case for everyone, and I guided myself with others I met along the way, to a healthier way of living.

I was more resilient than ever and after some time away from work, I came back to all aspects of my life with a new energy and passion. Some of the ideas came from my experience working with people from all walks of life for more than 20 years as a support worker, and more recently, as a Clinical Hypnotherapist – Heidi Wren
Awakening Resilience by Heidi Wren
Awakening Resilience by Heidi Wren
I wanted to create a complete guide to save people time, full of ideas and exercises that helped me and others I have worked with. I wanted people to increase trust in themselves and their choices as they recover. The invitation is to come back from burnout stronger than before, with vitality in your life and tools to avoid burnout for good.

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