The loo-down on paying nature a visit

The loo-down on paying nature a visit – Feb 10

Weisshorn Portable Toilet
Weisshorn Portable Toilet

I’m super lucky because I’m working at the moment, and I can afford to buy some really nice things for my van. Oh, and some essentials, too!

I’ve watched quite a few YouTube videos on single women travelling alone, and the question that always arises is where do you go?

Some are ingenious, but all are a bit manky. You know the type, I mean, buckets some with plastic bags, kitty litter, and kind of padded lid. One lady used pool noodles sliced length ways as a seat. Cripes!

Call me fussy, call me precious, but I like a little comfort when I’m on the throne. And also the security of knowing there isn’t going to be any spillage or the dunny isn’t going to tip over mid-way through a midnight wee.

So, here’s my very comfortable toilet. Yes, I sat on it in the privacy of my own home to see if it was a good fit. I struggle with low loos because my knees are a bit dicky, but this sturdy chap is just the right height and fits in the van cupboard!

I believe an absolute must for a lady travelling alone and definitely worth the $120.

Meet … hmmm, what should I call him? Porta-porty? Port-a-loo? Crappy? I’ll have to think about it. I’ll get back to you.

If you are interested in getting one of these toilets, check out this link. It is really comfortable to sit on and very easy to keep clean.

Weisshorn Portable Toilet
Weisshorn Portable Toilet fits snuggly in a cupboard.

Same deal as an early post – affiliate links are placed in this post to help me fund my trip – So, before you spend a penny remember, every cent counts 🙂

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