Speaking Engagements

Podcast Guest

You know that person who loves to talk about what they are passionate about at any time of the day or night, but they are so super friendly and nice, you can’t tell them to stop?

That’s Susan – always happy to chat! She can talk about the transformative effect of Mindful Arts Therapy, how incredibly cute kittens are, women in entrepreneurship, and how to keep the creative fires burning, being the author of 20 books.

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Podcast appearances are free.

Guest Speaker

Have you ever wondered how mindful arts therapy could help inspire and empower your company or group? Do your members need more confidence, better focus or to become more aligned to your organisation’s values?

As a guest speaker, Susan Day, can showcase the empowering aspects of mindful arts therapy, offer activities and work with your group to enhance productivity and create a calmer working environment.

In-person guest speaker rates begin at $125.

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