Preteen Art Therapy Workshops

Preteen Art Therapy Workshops

As part of Mental Health Month, Seed Community Garden, in Sale Victoria, is excited to host Mindful Arts Therapy for a series of free workshops designed for pre-teens.

In this fun and interactive workshop hosted by arts therapist practitioner and author, Susan Day, preteens will discover what it means to be their authentic inner self, improve self-confidence and build resilience.

Best suited for Grade 5, Grade 6 and Year 7 students- but open to all students. Booking is essential:…/art-therapy-workshop-pre…

This is a free event and is supported through a community grant from Gippsland Critical Minerals.

Preteen Art Therapy Workshops_Mindful Arts Therapy
Preteen Art Therapy Workshops_Mindful Arts Therapy

Why are these Workshops Important?

Preteens will learn activities of self-expression. This will help give them more control over their emotions and feelings. It is important they learn to embrace positive emotions because they will learn to evolve into positive thoughts and behaviours. However, negative emotions lead to negative thoughts and behaviours.

It is not uncommon for preteens to become overwhelmed by powerful feelings, and this can have a negative impact on their behaviour. If not checked, it can also lead to even worse behaviour as they grow into teenagers.

Experts tell us that one of the most important skills we can teach preteens is to learn how to recognise and control their emotions.

By teaching preteens to recognise and control their emotions, we can help them build healthy relationships and create coping skills needed for a fuller life. This will help them ask for help and seek advice as they begin their journey into their teenage years.

During these workshops, preteens will also be introduced to mindful practices. They will be taught how to breathe slowly and check how their body is behaving. This involves sitting quietly, taking a deep breath and becoming conscious of how your legs, arms, feet, hands etc are feeling. If there is tension, participants are instructed to simply let it go, continue to breathe deeply and relax.

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