Can Arts Therapy Replace Psychotherapy?

The short answer to this question is, No. Arts Therapy works alongside psychotherapy and can utilised both, during and after your sessions with your psychologist.

Arts Therapy can act as a stop gap if you have to wait before seeing a psychologist. Many psychologists are swamped with new clients, and some are not taking on new clients at all. In fact, 1 in 3 psychologists are unable to see new clients, but Australians need help more than ever according to the Australian Psychological Society, 2022.

Starting your arts therapy sessions, is a great way to prepare yourself for your first meeting with your psychologist. It will give the necessary tools to enhance your therapy.

As well, arts therapy can assist clients with personal and relationship issues and leave psychologists to deal with clients with complex mental-health issues such as schizophrenia.

Arts Therapy
What to Expect from Arts Therapy

What is Mindful Arts Therapy?

Mindful Arts Therapy is a combination of the practices of mindfulness and arts therapy. Combined, these two therapies have much greater benefits for you.

Anyone and everyone can benefit from either of these practices, but together they help clients reach a more thorough understanding of the issues they face and help assist them to find a solution.

Arts Therapy does not replace your visits to your psychologist. Instead, it can be done in conjunction with your treatment, including group therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

Each session offers you the opportunity to spend time meditating and discovering more about yourself in a mindful environment. In a calm, meditative state clients find they are more open to creative expressions. These can foster healing and a greater sense of self.

With your wellbeing in mind, art therapy sessions and activities are created and designed to help you discover more about yourself and improve your mental well-being. Each client is an individual who needs a unique and personalised approach.

Mindful arts therapy is a positive way to discover how to be a better version of you.

Mindful Arts Therapy Books

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