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Follow my travels around Australia as I celebrate and investigate what I see through art.

Funding my trip

Susan Day Art Around Australia

Funding my trip – Etsy and more – Feb 12 Yeah! I’ve opened an Etsy store to raise funds for my travels. I love vintage ephemera and I’ve been making some very funky bookmarks to start with. Each one is…

Insurance Woes

Do Animals Feel Emotions like Humans?

Insurance Woes – and why you should double check the details! Feb 7 Wow, I was so surprised to learn that not all insurance companies will cover your van. In fact, there are only a few who do. It’s got…

Introducing My New Van!

Susan Day Art Around Australia

Introducing My New Van! Feb 5 I’m so excited to introduce you to Veronia (emphasis on the Vrrrr…) She is a 2013 Toyota Hiace with a minimal fit out. She wasn’t too expensive, $30k, but has everything I need to…

Van life, But Which One?

Susan Day Art Around Australia

Jan 29 So, I’ve been looking at vans! And there are so many options. Just when I think I want a Sprinter – auto, diesel, a fabulous VW Crafter or Toyota pops up! Some are so well appointed, it’s just…